jeudi 20 septembre 2007

After the beginning

Last week I watched a couple episodes of Lost and what I saw was very exciting. Jack and Kate went in the jungle to find the rest of the crash plane and were searching a radio to make a distress call. They found the plane but no one has survived until they reached the pilot cabs. On the first saw this guy was looking dead but after a couple of minutes he started moving. The pilot gave to Jack the radio but it doesn’t work in the plane. Then suddenly something terrible has happening! A giant beast was walking around the plane and doesn’t seem to be friendly. It was stopping his walk near of the pilot cab section, and violently it caught the pilot and killed him! Jack and Kate start running away from the plane until they reached the beach with the others. What the hell was this creature?

mercredi 5 septembre 2007

Assignment 1 : The beginning

Have you ever imagine yourself crash down inside of a plane right in the middle of a mysterious island? If you don’t, I extremely suggest you to wash a fantastical television series call Lost. In this great following episode series create by Damon Lindelof, this kind of nightmare come to reality! The first episode starts fast right in the middle of the action after the crash of the plane when everybody are panicking and running everywhere. Then, it introduces the main character of the show name Jack, who’s playing a doctor helping as good as possible the survivors of the crash. A little bit more lately, he met Kate, the second main character of the series and a superb and wonderful woman. Right in this first episode, we know that this island is pretty strange because some unexplained things happen. Some kind of giant animals are walking thru the jungle into the night. It’s pretty interesting. I’m very exciting about the following episodes!